Your Bike Doesn’t Fit You

When was your last bike fit?  If you answer is



“The guy who sold it to me raised my seat a bit…”

you need to change that.

A professional bike fit is especially important for those on a triathlon bike or those who spend a lot of hours in the saddle. Many patients have come into my office over the years complaining of knee pain, hip pain, low back pain, even foot pain, whose symptoms were being caused or exacerbated by a poor bike fit. That being said, not all bike fitters are skilled in fitting all bikes. I only use bike fitters for my patients that are willing to work with me on setting up a fit that is conducive to allowing my patient’s injuries to heal while continuing to train. At such time that the injury is healed and the patient can tolerate a more aggressive fit, the bike fitter can re-work the fit as such.
There are many techniques and systems used by bike fitters, from high tech to low tech, but I would argue that what matters more is the bike fitter’s experience fitting the type of bike you are on (road, tri, or mountain) and that they have at least a working knowledge of biomechanics.