Strength Training for New Runners

According to the book Born to Run, about 90% of you that consider yourselves runners will suffer some kind of injury in the next year.  That’s good news for me as your Doctor.  That’s not good news for you as a runner.  There’s a few ways that you can keep yourself out of my office.  One of them is strength training.

I happened upon this article a few weeks back about the significance of strength training (especially for new runners) in Runners’ World magazine and thought I’d share the exercises that were the most intriguing to me: one legged squat

  • Side Lying Leg Raises: what can also be called “Jane Fondas“.  If you haven’t done these yet, wow!  You’re going to be begging for mercy after the second set of them.  Try to work yourself up to 3 sets of these with each leg.  I can demonstrate them if you come into the office.
  • Pelvic Drop Exercises: these are critical for both mobility and for strengthening your hips and glutes
  • One-legged Squats: these aren’t in the article but Crossfit has made them really popular.  Start with just your natural body weight and work your way up to holding a dumbbell or a kettlebell.  When just getting started, consider having a chair underneath you just in case you fail.  IMPORTANT: only go as far down as you can with your knee staying on its respective side of your mid-line.  As soon as your knee starts to collapse in, stand up!

Most importantly: keep up the strength training as you get started.  If you stay diligent you’ll be much more likely to be spending your time on the trails and not on my therapy tables.

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