I am a competitive athlete. I understand athletes. I have been competing since 1999 in a variety of sports including countless short course triathlon and running events, four full Ironmans, 36 hour adventure races, downhill mountain bike, road bike, and cyclocross racing, trail and road marathons, and indoor soccer. I am a consistent podium finisher in many of these sports and understand the dedication and training hours that are needed to achieve peak performance. It is often difficult to complete the necessary training load to achieve one’s goals while also staying injury free. My philosophy is strongly rooted in an an active approach to care with a heavy emphasis on rehab and patient involvement for rapid recovery. I strive to develop treatment plans which allow you to continue training through the recovery process and to come out of treatment stronger than you went in.

I have treated athletes of all ages and abilities, from recreational to Olympic hopeful to professional. I treat acute and chronic injuries related to a variety of sports. I also enjoy working with patients who are just starting to become active, including adolescents. My practice is largely rehab based, with a focus on building sound biomechanics and on injury prevention. Whether recovering from an injury or as a tool for prevention, building a strong foundation prior to taking on a sport or training program is key to enjoying a lifetime of sports participation. I offer videotaped running evaluations and work with runners of all ages on development of sound running biomechanics.

I also believe strongly in practicing evidence based medicine and, in many situations, the need for a multidisciplinary approach. What this means for you as the patient is that you will receive care which has been backed by sound research and is proven to get you better faster. I often work with physical therapists, coaches, orthopedists, and other medical and alternative care practitioners as needed in order to get you back to your sport in the fastest possible time. My treatment typically includes gait analysis, exercise based rehabĀ and manual muscle work as needed. I strive to educate my patients and help you understand how to participate in your own care.